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Cikgu Hailmi Kongsi Tips Menjawab Sains SPM di Breakout@DidikTV [NTV7]

Sempat tengok tak tapi abam share beberapa tips untuk Menjawab Sains Kertas 1 kat segmen Break Out di NTV7?
Jangan risau. Kalau tak sempat boleh ke link berikut untuk tonton semula ya.

Jangan lupa ya esok ada lagi untuk Sains Kertas 2 pulak. So pastikan anda terpacak kat depan NTV7 jam 9 pagi, 10 pagi dan 10.55 pagi ok! 😘

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  6. To improve Sains Kertas 1 and 2 in SPM, follow these tips Pay attention to the structure of the text: Focus on the structure of the text and understand the purpose of each topic. Use a clear and concise summary: Keep a clear summary of the main points of each topic. Practice regularly: Practice regularly, even if it's just for a short period. Use a variety of resources: Use various resources, such as textbooks, online materials, and other materials, to improve your understanding of the text. Use effective memory techniques: Use techniques like mind maps, flashcards, or using concepts with a clear or gambar language. Practice in different situations: Practice different situations to improve your skills. Focus on the quality and variation of the learning approach: This strategy can help you improve and achieve your SPM goals. Accidente de Camión Volquete