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NICTSED which is an acronym for National Information, Communication ,Technology and Security Discourse is an annual competition that is held to enhance students' knowledge about cyber security and at the same time improve their literacy skills. Students must discuss about the topics given to them with the assistance of PowerPoint Presentation. This competition is the best way to create 21st-century students as ICT is the mail symbol of this new century.

     This year, we have been given the opportunity to participate in this competition alongside other representative from Kedah. So far, it has been a great experience for us as we have never been exposed to something like this before. Technology is a very wide field and people often have the wrong judgement thinking it is a very hard and sophisticated one. After we set foot into this journey of attaining glory in this year's NICTSED, we have been proven wrong. Technology is a very fun and exciting field to explore.

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