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Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone. this particular article is in regards to the NICTSED 2018 event held on 14-16 May. a quick brief regarding the event; NICTSED stands for National ICT Security Discourse. The aim of having this event is to stoke awareness in every individual in Malaysia and possibly, the earthlings,to CREATE, CONNECT AND SHARE RESPECT on the internet, having a second motto of 'A BETTER INTERNET STARTS WITH YOU'. The team that is responsible for this particular article is group 8, or as i would like to call it, 'i already ATE', get it? because... no? ok then, ummm this awkward, what do i do, hmmm, just move on to the pictures and the link

here's a selfie or wefie that our group has taken, while I myself am typing in this article.

and here's a link to a video that i, the director, spent way too much time on. SMH 


thank you for reading this. BYE!

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